The Problem.

We all know that healthy eating means lots of fruits and vegetables.
But what about when those fruits and vegetables make you sick?

Sick & Tired

The fruits and vegetables you buy at the grocery store are very different from those grown by a home garden service.

They are often imported from 1500-2000 miles away, making them at least a week old by the time they get to you. As these plants age, their nutrients decrease by at least 60%.

This leads to chronic malnutrition, which can cause you to feel tired in the afternoon, and weaken your immune system.

Our home garden service is 100% organic


Our home garden service never uses pesticides

Industrial farmers use very different methods of growing their crops than a home garden service. These farmers mass-produce fruits and vegetables, frequently turning to pesticides to protect their plants.

In recent years, the American Cancer Society reported that exposure to many different pesticides is linked to an increased cancer risk, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma.

This is not our natural state- we are supposed to be alive and vibrant.

The Solution.

Edible Home Garden Service

It is clear that eating organic, nutrient-filled produce from a home garden service is crucial for good health. Just because a food product at the market says it’s “organic” doesn’t make it safe to eat.

In order to be safe, you need to do your research and know your source.

Even if they are organic, they have been off the plant for at least a week by the time they arrive to your kitchen, meaning they have lost a great deal of their nutritional value.

The only way to be sure that your food is organic, fresh, and filled with nutrients is to grow it yourself.

Raised bed gardens are perfect for your home

Creating and maintaining a thriving organic garden is no easy task, and generally requires the oversight of an experienced vegetable gardener. But Harvest to Home makes having an organic garden easy! We are a home garden service that Designs, Installs, and Maintains Edible Gardens. Our goal is to make growing your own food fun, beautiful, bountiful, and easy.

All of the products our home garden service uses are of the highest quality, and are specifically created for vegetable and herb gardens. We use our own blend of Organic soil, Organic fertilizers, Organic amendments, Organic plants, and we even brew our own compost tea.

If you give us sun and water, we will give you a garden that will exceed your wildest expectations. We allow you to experience the superior taste and quality that only homegrown produce provides.

Home Garden Service

Our home garden service begins with a consultation from one of our knowledgeable professionals who visits your home to…

  • Measure the sun
  • Find the best placement for your garden
  • Create the garden design of your choice
  • Create a plant list that caters to your favorite produce
  • Find out about your preferences to customize our service
  • Go over what to expect from the garden and our service

After the consultation, our installation professionals come out to install your new garden and turn your vision into a reality. Once your garden is installed our maintenance team will keep everything looking great and producing tons of organic goodness for you and your family to enjoy!

Our home garden service offers custom garden packages.

Custom Gardens


These are for someone who would like our home garden service to transform their landscape into a dream garden. Options include custom shapes and designs, gravel, walking paths, arbors, orchards, and much more! 

Why not get rid of your lawn and replace it with something that takes up less water and gives back incredible organic produce filled with vitamins and nutrients?

Harvest to Home

Harvest to Home provide offers the full spectrum of home garden services to anyone looking to eat healthier and enjoy the beauty of an organic garden.

Our gardens are perfect for families that want to eat healthily, but may not have the time or the knowledge to maintain their own garden. We design, install, and maintain your garden, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of fresh produce without any off the hassle.

Contact one of our home garden service professionals today at (949) 873-5400, or fill out the contact form below to schedule your consultation.

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