Mike Saraylian

Founder & CEO

Mike Saraylian, born and raised in Laguna Beach, is the man behind Harvest To Home, specializing in Organic Edible Gardens and Unique Living Art. After attending UC Santa Barbara, Mike came home and worked in the RV industry, eventually becoming a manager. He moved on to Blick Industries in Laguna Canyon and worked in sales and marketing. His job involved traveling around the U.S. and Europe.

In Italy, he was amazed by the brilliant flavors of a simple salad made with perfect tomatoes and freshly picked lettuce, and dressed only with oil and lemon. Mike said he had loved to cook since he was a child, and after his Italian epiphany he found himself thinking about everything he was eating and developed an interest in health and diet.

Every Friday at Blick Industries there was a company barbecue on the rooftop. Mike always made the salads from the 70 boxes of garden produce grown right there on the roof by a retired doctor, Myron Wacholder, who was the father of one of the employees. The doctor became his gardening mentor.

Mike came up with the idea for his business, inspired by those boxes on the rooftop. Although he knew about sales and marketing, he had no clue how to start a business, but he was influenced by his boss, John Blick, who said that if you really want to, you can do anything. Mike had some money saved, got some from his family, then taught himself every facet of business from designing a website to accounting and operations.

In the beginning, he found himself building planters and shoveling dirt. He ate what he grew and lost 15 pounds in the process, but he became addicted to freshly picked vegetables and herbs and hopes you will too. He is filled with passion and energy for what he does and has grown his business like his vegetables: with care. Mike is an avid music lover and plays the guitar often, he also enjoys all beach activities, snow boarding, and cooking healthy foods.



Kirk Temple

Operations Manager

Kirk Temple, the longest tenured gardener at Harvest to Home, has been critical to the growth of the company. His plant knowledge is vast, his love for edible gardens runs deep, he is always positive, happy, and his service always comes with a smile. Kirk grew up in Hawaii, loves to surf, and is an avid outdoorsman.



Kelly Jennings

Office Manager

Kelly is our office manager and has been with Harvest to Home for many years, she has been the back bone of the company. Kelly is a cancer survivor who understands the importance of starting each day with a nutrient filled kale smoothie! Her and her two daughters are very involved in the local dance community. She also loves the outdoors, her family and her amazing cats.



Kristen Lowe

Store Manager/Designer

Kristen is simply amazing, she is the talent behind the incredible walls at Harvest to Home and a wonderfully strong part of the team. She truly is an artistic master with both succulents and edibles. Kristen worked at Plant Depot for 8 years running their vertical wall department before joining Harvest to Home. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and surfing.


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Deanna Kennemer

Garden Design Consultant

Deanna Kennemer is a Garden Design Consultant in Orange County and has been an avid organic gardener for over 10 years. Her landscaping design experience comes from the new home building industry where she worked closely with landscape design architects for five years to manage and execute residential landscaping design for hundreds of new homes in Sonoma County. Deanna earned her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of California at Santa Barbara where she studied health, nutrition and fitness. She has worked at a homeopathic medical clinic where she learned about herbal and plant based remedies for overall body health and fostered her passion for healthy whole foods. Deanna was raised in a farming family in the Midwest and loves to teach people to plant and grow their own food and tend their gardens organically. She has consulted with many homeowners on how to incorporate organic gardens big or small into their yards.



Trevor Anderson

Garden Specialist /Soil Biology Master

Trevor is a soil biology master, he spends his time making compost teas and saying hello to his new little friends he created through his microscope. He handles a large portion of Harvest to Home’s maintenance and is certainly someone you would like keeping an eye on your garden. He teaches gardening classes at our Costa Mesa location and his interests include aquaponics, compost tea, beekeeping, biking, camping, hiking, and snowboarding.



Sam Guitron

Garden Specialist

Sam is an all around team player at Harvest to Home, he assists in installations, gardening classes, living art, and anything else that needs to get done. He is polite, savvy, caring, and volunteers at many different organizations. He is an avid gardener and runs multiple community garden plots along with teaching under privileged troubled youth how to garden.  Along with his own raised bed garden, Sam works on his aquaponics system. His taste in swing music adds plenty of class to any job site!



Matt Covarrubias

Inventory Specialist

Matt is an all around team player at Harvest to Home. He uses his green thumb to plant our gardens as well as creating our living art. He has been gardening for a number of years on his own and has a passion for wood work. “I love making raised garden beds and living art for people to enjoy!”


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Rebecca Goins

Service Account Manager

As the newest member of the team, Rebecca is here to keep everything running smoothly in the background, and to make sure that you get the most out of your garden by sending helpful tips, scheduling consultations, and answering your questions. A Stanford University graduate, she has provided administrative and fundraising support at various non profits, big and small, over the past seven years. She is passionate about helping people live life abundantly. Here at Harvest to Home, she is excited to be involved in cultivating life and engaging our customers in healthy, holistic living. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, cooking, reading a good book, dancing (especially swing dancing!), volunteering at her church, and spending time with friends & family.



Humberto Delgadillo

Garden Specialist

Humberto works out in the field on our customer’s gardens. He has been involved in gardening ever since he could remember. Most of his experience has been in ornamental landscaping, but recently has switched his focus to edible plants. As a self proclaimed “foodie” he loves trying new veggies and fruits and enjoys working on his own edible garden at home. He currently attends Fullerton College where he studies Horticulture. His other hobbies include visiting museums and hiking.


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Jon Morris

Garden Specialist

Jon is a culinary graduate and has many years of experience in the hospitality industry.  He enjoys developing recipes that utilize fresh organic produce and herbs.  He has extensive knowledge of cooking herbs and how to best use them in the kitchen to complement your favorite dishes.  Jon is a long time resident of Orange County and loves to hike the local canyons and beaches.  He has an eye for design and specializes in repurposing materials to give them new life as architectural garden elements.