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Our Showroom is much more than the average nursery. In addition to selling succulent nursery plants, Harvest to Home offers our customers a wonderful variety of beautiful pre-made pieces of living art. We also work with you to customize breathtaking creations based on your specific preferences.

Living art incorporates a range of succulent nursery plants and moss to form captivating designs. These designs add style and personality to your home or business, and can hang from a range of different spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Check out our showroom for living art for your home or business!


Custom pottery with succulents, herbs, and recipes to match!


Harvest to Home combines edible plants, succulents, custom pottery, and matching recipes to create the ultimate garden centerpiece.

Growing nursery plants is an amazing experience.

It begins with selecting the perfect nursery plants, then choosing unique pottery for your garden, and finally enjoying the fruits of your labor with one of our organic recipes.

Growing nursery plants is more than just a hobby or a way to eat healthy- it’s a lifestyle.

Harvest to Home offers the services and products to truly make that lifestyle a reality for you.

Stop by our showroom to experience all of the options in store!

Use our Fruit Tree and Berry Information Kiosk to find the right nursery plants for you!

Whether you’re looking for a lemon tree to enjoy homemade lemonade, or a berry patch that produces fresh, organic strawberries, our services provide the perfect nursery plants for you. Our Costa Mesa showroom  offers you a firsthand look at exactly how they’ll grow at your home or business.

Additionally, our fruit information kiosk contains a comprehensive database of virtually every local fruit tree and berry variety, including:

  • Time of year the fruit ripens
  • Tree Size
  • Description of fruit size, texture and flavor

This information allows you to select the perfect plant for your home.

Visit us at our showroom so our professionals can help you find the perfect nursery plants for your home!

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Pick Up One of Our Elegant Sea Foam Driftwood Sculptures


During the stormy seasons in British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington we get our one of a kind, unique pieces of driftwood.

The driftwood is collected from natural pieces of wood that have fallen down naturally and washed up on the shore. After floating down the river and eventually beaching itself, our nursery plant team will hand picks the best driftwood while it is wet.

The driftwood is then dried in a storage facility to ensure it is free from insects and oil. It is kept separate from our nursery plants during this process, as it requires it’s own specific conditions to dry and ripen. Only hardwood driftwood is  collected. Some pieces are too large to carry, so it is occasionally necessary to utilize a tractor.

This is a long, careful process that can take weeks. The time we take ensures that only the best pieces of driftwood are selected, and those pieces are then dried and cared for properly.

Each item of our constantly changing driftwood stock is unique in shape, size, and texture. All driftwood items are suited well for both exterior and interior uses. Our driftwood

It’s easy to see why our driftwood sculptures are so popular. Their beauty adds a dramatic and exotic element to your garden, regardless of whether it’s in the home or the workplace.

Walk our beautiful organic edible showcase garden

Stop by our showroom to take a look at our gorgeous organic showcase garden.

We maintain a range of nursery plants which are grown from raised bed gardens, wine barrels, and unique custom potted arrangements.

Visiting our showroom helps our customers to see the variety of nursery plants available to them, and to get ideas about which plants and planting methods best match their residence.

Make sure to consult one of our garden design specialists so we can help you to get the most out of your organic garden!


Work with one of our designers to create your own custom green wall

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Green walls are a perfect addition to your home or business. Their beauty is astonishing; no matter how many we see we never grow tired of looking at them- and our customers agree!

Our designers work with you and your family to create a truly unique piece of living art. Green walls are composed of a range of different nursery plants, and we work together find the right combination to execute your vision.

Green walls come in a range of styles, designs, and nursery plant compositions. They’re perfect for any space, and make a fantastic addition to any indoor or outdoor wall at your home or business.

Take a complimentary gardening class

Harvest to Home is proud to provide the local community with complimentary gardening classes. Classes take place at our Costa Mesa showroom, and help our customers learn how to grow their own nursery plants.

Gardening classes are perfect for everyone regardless of their gardening proficiency. Whether you’ve never tended a plant or you’re a veteran gardener, our gardening classes help you to expand your knowledge of nursery plant care.

Stop by our showroom to sign up for our complimentary gardening classes!


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Regardless of whether you’re looking to eat healthy with one or our organic gardens, add beauty to your home or business with living art, or take a complimentary gardening class to learn more about nursery plants, then Harvest to Home can help you.

We provide the full spectrum of gardening services, which includes design, installation, and maintenance.

Visit our showroom, or contact one of our nursery plant specialists today at  (949)873-5400 to experience all of our fantastic services!

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